Sea Witch (Jar) - Ash & Quill

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Sea Salt, Sage, Seaweed and Juniper.

Approx 30-45 hours burn time. 

These candles are eco friendly, not only because they are made with the finest, clean burning soy wax, but they also have a carbon reducing wick which is especially designed to work well with soy wax, as well as reducing tunnelling and afterglow. It's also self trimming! It also prevents the glass from overheating. Lack of tunnelling not only means better fragrance and appearance but also that you can clean out the tin or jar and reuse or recycle it afterwards.

Please note; Some frosting or 'wet' look may occur due to the nature of soy wax. This is natural and nothing to worry about, also every candle is hand poured in small batches so colour and appearance may vary slightly than pictures.